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Our Ministries

Mount of Olives SDA caters to the needs of its members and the community through various ministries. Here are some of the ministries of our church:

Stewardship Ministry

The aim of the Stewardship Ministry is to encourage members to dedicate every aspect of their lives to God. Members are not only reminded to be financially responsible but also to be responsible in the care of their bodies, the use of their spiritual gifts and the way in which their time is spent. As God’s stewards, we are to be mindful of our role on earth and continue to dedicate our lives to His work as we prepare for our heavenly home.

Family Life Ministry

Family Life Ministry promotes healthy marriages and family relationships. As a key ministry of the church, the Family Life Ministry develops and executes programs with the hope that they will strengthen family bonds, mend family disunity and encourage Christ-centered family living.

Personal Ministry

Personal Ministry offers resources and develops spiritual leaders by training members of the church to contribute to the soul-winning service. This ministry also focuses on developing effective programs to assist those in need.

Adventist Youth Ministry

Adventist Youth Ministry nurtures the youth of our church and utilize programs that allow youths to work together, hone their talents and develop as spiritual leaders. AYM also works with the wider church community to maintain a strong youth ministry by incorporating youth mentorship programs and witnessing programs to support the general soul-winning function of the church. The aim of the AYM is to provide an inclusive environment for the youth of the church through activities that develop Christian character and allows them to use their talents for the Lord.

 Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry “upholds, encourages, and challenges women in their daily walk as disciples of Jesus Christ and as members of His church (Church Manual, p. 103).” Women’s Ministry works with all women of the church to encourage harmonious relationships and to provide a supportive environment to minister to the needs of women, address issues that specifically affect women and remind women of how valuable they are in the service of the Lord.

Children's Ministry

“Children’s Ministry develops the faith of children from birth through age 14, leading them into union with the Church” (Church Manual, p. 87). Children’s Ministry does not only help to shape the young minds of the church through Sabbath School but also utilizes Christian Story-telling to provide spiritual lessons as another way of sharing the love and character of Christ with them. Children’s Ministry aims to develop young leaders so that children can also become disciples for Christ.


Education Ministry aims to transmit the Church’s ideals, beliefs, attitudes, values, habits, and customs to students. The source, the means, and the aim of Adventist education are a true knowledge of God, fellowship and companionship with Him in study and service, and likeness to Him in character development.

Sabbath School

Sabbath School is “the primary religious education program of the Church” (Church Manual, p. 97). Each Sabbath, the lesson of the week is explored, analyzed and better understood through active discussion. Sabbath School also emphasizes and share the world mission by reviewing a new mission story each week. Our Sabbath School program commences every Sabbath at 9:15 AM.

Religious Liberty

The Religious Liberty Department is a source of positive spiritual influence and is concerned with the preservation of liberty for God’s people. This ministry informs the members of their rights and where they can obtain assistance if those rights are violated.


The Communications Department is the public relations arm of the church and is also responsible for the utilization of integrated approaches to disseminate the gospel. The department utilizes a variety of techniques to effectively broaden its reach. The Communication Department also provides services to other departments of the church to support and enhance the work of their ministries.

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